Turning Point Audience Response System

Turning Point allows you to "Poll the Audience" just like in Who Wants to Be a Millionairre.

Procedures for Checking out Turning Point:
1. Reserve the Turning Point multimedia cart from Computer Resource through Inside Cox.
2. Create Turning Point Powerpoint using one of the basic templates below or by making your own using the Teacher Workstation in Lab 136

Please Note: You can also type your questions into a Word Document. All questions need to be in Heading 1 format. All answers need to be in Heading 2 format! Then email the file to Lani and she'll convert to a powerpoint.

3. Pick up the Turning Point cart the day before you plan on using it and test beforehand.

Using the Turning Point cart:
1. Plug in and turn the projector AND computer on.
2. Plug in the Turning Point receiver into one of the USB ports in the back of the computer. Give the computer a few mintues to read the receiver.
3. Double click on the Turning Point icon on the desktop. turningpoint.jpgGo to File-->Open and pull up your powerpoint.
4. Go to SlideShow --> View Show to start presentation.
5. Distribute Turning Point Student Response Cards to students and record the # of the card for each student.
6. Begin presentation. REMEMBER it is "click sensitive".
· Click once to advance to the next slide. Wait a few seconds until you see the GREEN “Polling Open” in the upper right hand window.
· Click a second time to Close the polling. You will see the RED “Polling Closed” in the upper right hand window.

7. To restart a session for the next class, go to Reset --> Session resetturningpoint.jpg