Wikis in the Classroom

What is a Wiki?

Wikis are free online sites where users can freely create, compose, and edit content. You can create a wiki for free through any of the following sites:
Wikispaces: Wikispaces for Educators How to Set up a Class Wiki

Once you create your wiki, you can customize many features of the wiki include:
make the wiki public or private
invite members/users or set up classes
create pages
change the look and appearance of the wiki
and more!

Examples of ways you can use a wiki in the classroom:
  • Classroom management (Make pages for different lessons/units)
  • Research
  • Creative writing
  • Collaborative project work within classes and outside of your school -think global
  • Foreign language practice
  • Discussion boards
  • "fake wikipedia pages"
  • digital portfolios
  • learning portfolios

Examples of wikis in the classroom:
Managing a classroom via wikispaces
Research projects
Digital Portfolios
Foreign Language Classes

Mrs. Paine's English Podcasting Wiki

Implementing Wikis in your Classroom:
Wikispaces Links_VSTE.doc

Setting up permissions/security on your wiki:
You can make students users of your wiki by setting up User Profiles (see How to Set up a Class Wiki above) or making "fake" email addresses.
You can designate which users/members has editing rights to each page.